Anyone have a good recipe for Homemade Old Fashioned Iced Tea?

I know summer isn't for another couple of wintery month, but I would like to have one ready for summer.

Cam Tucker


Homemadecornbread February 4, 2012
Don't leave the bags in the hot water for more than about seven minutes - the tea will be bitter if you do. Also, never keep brewed tea til the next day - it will always turn cloudy and loose that snappy taste.
lloreen February 3, 2012
What kind of iced tea? I adore Japanese barley tea (Mugicha) and buy it in bulk for the summer from an Asian grocery store. I set the glass pitcher in the sun for a few hours and voila! Nothing is more refreshing and satisfying.
Sam1148 February 3, 2012
Some of the old timers in the South put a pinch of baking soda in the tea after it's brewed. It rounds out the flavor, removing the bitterness of the tannins, making it smoother. It's a good tip if you like a tea that's been steeped long, or have hard water; it does make smoother.

But don't do what my Grandmother used to do, add a 1/2 cup of kayo syrup and 4 crushed saccharine tablets
to a pitcher.

jenmmcd February 3, 2012
Are you looking for a sweet tea recipe? Like would be served in the South?

I have also learned that you can "cold brew" any tea in the fridge overnight and it's less bitter and will last a bit longer than sun tea... it doesn't get that "smoky" look that iced tea can get after a while. Started doing it at the end of last summer and am in love with the technique!
Cam T. February 3, 2012
Sounds good. I wouldn't mind trying that.
creamtea February 4, 2012
This is how I make it. It is delicious this way, without bitterness. It doesn't need sugar, but if you like it that way, superfine sugar is the way to go. I like it with lemon.
allans February 3, 2012
When I make Iced Tea, I use Luzianne brand (spelling may be off). I follow the recommendations for quantity/bags per water volume of my desired yield, ie: 1/2 or full gallon - then only heat 1/4 of the water and brew all the bags in it, adding to the remaining water volume after brewing is finished. This way, chilling doesn't take as long. It's an excellent tea. To "mix it up" add a few bags of "red Zinger to the mix for a summery flavor.
Rachel S. February 3, 2012
My mom used to make iced tea by putting tea bags in water in a lidded jar or pitcher and setting it on the porch in the sun for a few hours (she always called it sun tea). Not sure if that's the sort of thing you're looking for, but that's what I think of as old-fashioned iced tea.
hardlikearmour February 3, 2012
I'm not sure what you mean. Most iced tea is just brewed tea chilled. Here are some recipes you can look through for inspiration:
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