Favorite Summer Cocktails

I can't believe I'm talking about summer cocktails already, but there you have it. It's 85 degrees in east TN and climbing rapidly! Thus, the need for some relief via tasty and somewhat frivolous alcoholic beverages. I'm looking for stone simple but delicious summer cocktails. I'll start by sharing one of my favorites--something we call The Buchanan: tequila, tonic, and lime, with or without a salted rim.



irishchef June 12, 2012
Everyone's heard of an old fashion but try this: use a good Vodka (I like Kettle One) instead of bourbon or whiskey and make sure you use only 1 drop of Bitters. Skoal!!
sexyLAMBCHOPx May 30, 2012
Planters Punch, makes you forget how hot you are!
ChrisBird May 30, 2012
The spritz con aperol sounds delicious.
A slightly prickly Vinho Verde from Portugal is nice - no need to make it into a sprotzer. It already is verry slightly bubbly, young, dry.... and best of all cheap!
We have been making Sangria a bit too. Bery straightforward, keeps a while and fabulously refreshing
amysarah May 5, 2012
A Spritz con Aperol is great for hot weather - relatively low alcohol and very refreshing: cold prosecco mixed with aperol (similar to Campari) to taste - I usually use about 1/3 - and a slice of orange. They once saved me from delirium, during an Inferno-level heatwave in Venice. Also, Panaches - lager mixed with 'lemonade' (the Euro version: not too sweet, lightly fizzy lemon soda)....instant Paris cafe on a hot afternoon.
fernetaboutit May 4, 2012
Bees knees= Gin, lemon, and honey.
Calimocho= Equal parts red wine and coke. It's way better than it sounds.
petitbleu May 5, 2012
Yes to the bees knees. There should be a cocktail called the Cat's Pajamas--I'll get on that.
Maedl May 4, 2012
The Wisdom: muddle shaved cucumber and two sprigs of basil in an 8 oz. stemmed glass with 2 jiggers citrus vodka and 1jigger St. Germain (elderflower liqueur). Add two ice cubes and sparkling water to taste. A lemon slice looks and tastes good too.
Liz&butter May 4, 2012
A Dark & Stormy - my favorite thing for warm evenings. As long as you can find the ginger beer, they're a cinch - one part dark rum (Goslings Black Seal is perfect) and two parts ginger beer. Lime or mint are tasty additions!
petitbleu May 5, 2012
I'll bet that would be really incredible with Blenheim's ginger ale.
rt21 May 4, 2012
This isn't a cocktail but if u like white wine u might enjoy this , magners pear cider, it is light crisp and fruity, not too sweet.
Esther P. May 4, 2012
A nice glass of sangria... I don't often drink Pimms... But when I do, I always think I should drink more of it! As the advert says, it's always Pimms o clock!
Benny May 4, 2012
I'm a fan of Mojitos or Gin Gimlets myself
HalfPint May 4, 2012
Agua fresca (any fruit) and Shrubs (strawberry basil) - not exactly cocktails, but there's nothing like them on warm day.

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mensaque May 4, 2012
Caipirinha!!! And although I'm sitting here all wrapped and cold (it's autumn in Brazil,and my hometown is up on a hill 850 meters high) I could go for one right now! In a short glass(a scotch glass would be fine) crush some lime slices with some suggar,add ice-crushed or cubes and last but not least:Cachaça(brazilian eau de vie) for authenticity.Vodka for practicality.With vodka,you 'll have a Caipivodka or Caipiroska...and you can use othe fruits:then it becomes a Caipifruta.Passion fruit or strawberries are my favorites for it.Cheers...or as we brasilian say it:TinTin!
bigpan May 4, 2012
Yes, yes, yes. Since being in Rio last year I hate to admit how many bottles of cachaca we have gone through. Thank goodness you can buy a box of limes at Costco to save $.
I have found it faster to use simple syrup instead of sugar.
SKK May 4, 2012
Here in Seattle it is raining and 55 - we will consider it a heat wave if it gets above 60 this week-end!
Here is a wonderful drink http://food52.com/recipes/13319_boozy_watermelon_rosemary_lemonade
And last night we had Thirschfield's http://food52.com/recipes/3702_lemon_lime_margaritas which are very easy to make. Of course, we had them in front of the fire - sigh.
petitbleu May 5, 2012
I hate to say it, but I envy you. Spring sprang in TN in FEBRUARY. And it's already too hot for my arugula, lettuce, and radishes in the garden. No fun!
aargersi May 4, 2012
I usually stick to beer and wine but when I DO go booze, I figure go ridiculous. You need a few things and a blender, but it's easy:


do NOT make an afternoon of these. Trust me. One per customer.
petitbleu May 5, 2012
I suppose "The Bushwhacker" is aptly named, then. Good to know. Always important to do damage control with this sort of thing.
Midge May 4, 2012
I hear you, it's about 90 and humid in Charleston. I was hooked on wssmom's West Ender (http://www.food52.com/recipes/13329_west_ender) during a heat wave last summer. I sometimes swap vinho verde for the gin = super refreshing.
Reiney May 4, 2012
Pimms & Dry can't be beat! It's just Pimms No 1 Cup and dry ginger ale, garnished with a slice of cucumber and/or orange.

Perfect for a hot day (and also an excellent hair of the dog I might add).
petitbleu May 4, 2012
Oooh. Sounds lovely! I'll get on that.
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