How do you prepare sunchokes?



babytiger July 4, 2012
It makes beautiful soup.
SeaJambon July 4, 2012
There are a number of good recipes on Food2 -- put "sunchoke" in the search box at the top of the page, with recipe noted. Also, this issue has come up a few times before, so you might want to also search "sunchoke" for the hotline.
chefsusie July 3, 2012
I have to laugh at Mr. McGee's 24 hour suggestion! My power bill would be crazy! (I guess since he has a kitchen that he doesn't personally pay for he has that option) That doesn't seem like a good option to me. But, the second option seems more doable. I just cook them like potatoes (steam or boil) par-cook, saute and glaze....
Greenstuff July 3, 2012
Roasted is good.

If you're worried about gas, there's a great chapter on them in Harold McGee's The Curious Cook, Chapter 5: Taking the Wind Out of the Sunroot (Making the Jerusalem artichoke more digestible). Very long slow, covered, cooking, like 24 hours long at 300, is one method he suggests. Or slicing them very thin and dry roasted at 200 is another.
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