Alternatives to an ice cream maker?

How can I properly churn ice cream without buying the whole kit and caboodle?



Ovensports July 5, 2012
One of my favorite bloggers, PoorGirlEatsWell, found a technique for making ice cream without any ice cream maker that seems to work really well:
Esther P. July 5, 2012
Whipped cream is a good solution. Then put it in the freezer for a couple of hours, then, take it out and beat it every half hour or so to break up the crystals. Or pour it into a lined loaf pan, freeze it, call it a semi fredo, and serve it in slices...
Benny July 5, 2012
That article bashes the idea of whipping the cream and folding it into your ice cream base. I would say that doing so is a great option when you don't have an ice cream maker and don't want to make a bigger mess by freezing ice cream base in ice cube trays and then beating it in a food processor.

I used to make ice cream by whipping the cream and folding it in (frozen mousse) all the time before finally aquiring my ice cream maker. For the most part, its every bit as enjoyable. Just call it a frozen mousse if you have to, but people will still love it.
hardlikearmour July 4, 2012
Here's an article explaining an ice cream making hack that is followed by a link to the recipe:
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