Pork belly not crisping

I braised a few days back as per Ruhlmans Twenty and am searing/browning for dinner now, using an enameled cast iron pan which I am only somewhat experienced at. I did a test with 2 pieces of belly and even before I added the glaze the skin/fat side was sticking badly to the pan. Used the small amt of oil as noted, and even when the pork was browned/ready, the skin was rubbery.
Not hot enough? Too much oil? Save dinner if you can. Besides that it was delicious, but I need that pork skin!

Jason Twomey


HalfPint July 4, 2012
Brush the skin with some vinegar, white or rice wine and stick under the broiler. It helps the skin to crisp up. The vinegar will evaporate and there is no vinegary flavor left.
Summer O. July 4, 2012
Try putting a little water in the pan. Are you cooking it at high heat then lowering to s medium heat?
Jason T. July 4, 2012
With regards to original post, was med high as recipe called for. Didn't try putting water in pan, but I could next time. Thanks. Looks like the thick layer of fat under the skin insulated it from crisping. Not really sure.
Jason T. July 4, 2012
Thanks. Still a no go. I must have altered it during the braising somehow. Tried the broiler for 4-5 minutes and still soft and mushy skin. Another mystery, but I'll try it again.
bigpan July 4, 2012
Put under a hot broiler for a minute or two .
Keep an eye on it.
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