How to prepare the CROCKPOT brown sugar pork tenderloin on the STOVE TOP? Dinner party tonight! SOS!

Hi guys. I'm preparing the famous brown sugar pork tenderloin for a dinner party tonight (because it looks so good!) and want to do it on stovetop instead of crockpot (I don't have a slow cooker, but I do like a challenge, hehe). I've done some research and not sure if I should drastically reduce the cook time, or just let it simmer low and slow all day. Thoughts?

This is the recipe:

Caitlin Gunther


Gammy September 11, 2019
I know you asked for stovetop directions, but I think cooking it in the oven on a low temp (250-275F, maybe) is a better way to go, because the heat from a stove top burner is one directional (only from the bottom), but an oven heats from all sides, top and bottom, as a crockpot would. I would also check the temperature after a couple hours, you want it around 145F for a tenderloin as it is very lean. If you are using a different cut of pork, you could let it go higher. I read the recipe, intro and comments and there are many variations offered for this is a truly loved recipe.
Caitlin G. September 11, 2019
Thank you Gammy! Unfortunately in my leeeetle Parisian kitchen, there is no oven! But I'm keeping an eye on the temp and will let all know how it goes. Happy cookin
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