Does anyone have a recipe for clotted cream?

  • Posted by: ATL
  • July 5, 2012


Chef L. July 5, 2012
The clotted cream available in the U.S., even from UK providers, is nothing like what you might get in England. I believe the butterfat content of dairy, in general, is higher in the UK. t
You need milk with a butterfat content of 55%.
If you can find that, scald it to 180F, let it cool overnight, then skim it. You may want to google UK popular chefs like Delia Smith or Jane Grigson.
Esther P. July 5, 2012
This came up a few months ago - see the link below. Hilarybee s. link to a recipe in her answer. Ere in the UK, we are cut enough to be able to buy it at the supermarket...
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