Montreal Smoked Meat

Any ideas as too how this delectable signature sandwich from Montreal is prepared and smoked. I have searched far and wide for this broadly protected and well kept secret over the years without much success. Have tried a few variations ... again without getting it right although delicious none the less.

  • Posted by: wild4
  • July 8, 2012


trampledbygeese January 28, 2013
Hope you don't mind me bouncing up this topic, but I would really love a recipe for Montreal Smoked Meat.

Someone once told me the basic cure is like pastrami, but then the spices are different? Anyone have a recipe or is it a trade secret?
usuba D. July 8, 2012
Smoked Montreal Meat is cured brisket (corned beef), cooked and smoked very slowly til tender.
jsdunbar July 8, 2012
You & a million others! I grew up in Montreal & 40 years later I still miss it. If you ever work out a good recipe I would love to try it. ;)
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