I want to have a beer/wine + appetizers + dessert party. What do you call it?.. http://t.co/8YPINHFu (via @Food52Hotline)



marynn July 10, 2012
How about "Buffet Fillet"? You are offering what most of us gravitate towards if/when a whole spread is at hand. And Nozlee is right to add the "drinks, small plates (although I am beginning to have an aversion to this trend and name), and desserts will be served". Or how about Savories and Sweets?
Donnacita July 10, 2012
We call this kind of party, "drinks and snacks". I like the other answers though.
Lennon'sMom July 9, 2012
Everything but Dinner is great!

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Nozlee S. July 8, 2012
"Everything but Dinner" would be a funny name for a party. Or just call it a cocktail party and specify that drinks, small plates, and dessert will be served!
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