I want to have a beer/wine + appetizers + dessert party. What do you call it?

We're not serving cocktails so I can't call it a cocktail party. We will have heavy appetizers but it's not technically dinner. Please help! Thanks.



micheleinmaryland July 8, 2012
Sounds like tapas. You can just call it a tapas party, or a small plates party.
Pmudpies July 8, 2012
ABC Apps, Booze and cookies
Rachel S. July 8, 2012
You'd better explain the acronym on the invite, or someone might think it's an "anything but clothes" party. ;)
SeaJambon July 8, 2012
A sweet and savory sampler party? Naughty and nice nibbles? A "bookend" party? ...
Benny July 8, 2012
a soiree?
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