I think the managers if this site need to decide what to do with this foodpickle section.
A lot of the twitter messages are are either barely understandable fragments,
or ask questions so basic they almost seem like jokes.
I'm just an amateur cook and I have no formal training, but as a ten year old I knew how to make cheese on toast.
Maybe there could be some kind of filter installed so messages could be classified according questioners level of expertise.



Amanda H. November 20, 2010
Hi all -- thanks for your thoughts. We're working to resolve this. What happened was: we got some unsolicited publicity by a British TV show. The show producers seem to have misunderstood the purpose of foodpickle, so we have a bunch of new users who are, for the most part, innocently asking cooking how-to questions -- not realizing that this is not the intended purpose of foodpickle. We don't control who asks questions, so we're trying to figure out how to get the word out to let new users know how to use foodpickle. Thanks for your incredible patience -- we hope to have this resolved soon, especially because Thanksgiving is upon us and there's a great need for the *real* foodpickle!
Soozll November 20, 2010
Maybe there needs to be a twitters dilemma catagory on site. Who are the "we" who are supposed to text an answer to a foodpickle tweet, right away? Was it even imagined that there would be so many tweets let alone so many ridiculous questions?
innoabrd November 20, 2010
Cut the link to the twits! It's making a great place into something that's just not worth the trouble.
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