I need a good Banana bread recipe forFrench toast

I need a banana bread recipe that makes good french toast. I need one that is lite and won't fall apart in French toast batter.



Happygoin April 5, 2023
Coincidentally, I just had a couple of overripe bananas and some sour cream I wanted to use up. I used a recipe from Allrecipes.com and it got rave reviews.

It was light, but held together well. It might work well for you.
Nancy April 5, 2023
Had a look at some recipes for banana bread French toast and all gave generic “banana bread.”
So I would use any recipe I know and like as a test batch, and if the slices aren’t strong enough - next time make them denser (more flour) or toast to dry out a big before dunking in the egg mixture.
Nancy April 5, 2023
Or if you want a good French toast recipe using banana bread, see allrecipes sure.
Nancy April 5, 2023
“Dry out a bit”
“See allrecipes site”
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