What's your default Ratatouille?

My aunt has a garden about to burst with the ingredients. She doesn't like lengthy or complicated cooking. I was looking for a simple ratatouille and was thinking to try the oven roasted version on Chocolate & Zucchini blog, then I found the Alice Waters genius version here.



ChefJune July 13, 2012
...and I use anchovies instead of salt. Kind of a "secret ingredient!"
ChefJune July 13, 2012
I cook all the vegetables in the same pot. The only one that is added significantly later than the others is the zucchini.
Greenstuff July 13, 2012
Both of those recipes are delicious. You should try both. If I had to say "default," I'd go with a roasted version. Really easy to make, really easy to vary as the season progresses in the garden.
chef O. July 13, 2012
The Alice waters version is all that and a bag of chips! Easy peasy and yummy
Nozlee S. July 13, 2012
The Alice Waters version would be perfect for your aunt -- all the vegetables are cooked in the same pot, one at a time, instead of in separate pans!
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