Cooking frozen Roemary Chicken and Zucchini?

Found a recipe that sounds perfect for our busy schedule. Roemary Chicken and Zucchini from The recipe tell you to put everything in a ziplock bag and freeze it. Then it says to bake 400 degrees. No where does it say to defrost it. I am thinking that I would defrost it otherwise I am putting a frozen clump of chicken, zucchini, carrots and potatoes in the oven. The question is raised on their site but not answered. Anyone have any opinions on this. The recipe can be found here -

Lucia from Madison


Monita January 11, 2015
You don't need to defrost the chicken etc. first. Straight into the pan and then roast per directions. Real Simple would have been explicit if they wanted you to defrost first. Their recepies are very carefully written
Nancy January 11, 2015
Both will work - cooking direct from freezer & defrosting. Recipe, as I read it, favors cooking direct from freezer, for which total cooking time is about 45 min. If you defrost, do it overnight in fridge (safer than long at room temp), then cook as directed. Check chicken doneness at 25 min, and adjust if needed.
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