too much liquid smoke! i think ..

I'm making BBQ sauce and I added a touch more liquid smoke and worchestershire to my batch than required bc I thought it needed something extra after modifying spices .. now it has a bad aftertaste. I'm not sure which messed this up, but besides the aftertaste, I like the flavor of the sauce. should I add water? a little tomato paste? this is for a gift so I really want it to be good! any advice would be greatly appreciated!! thank you!!



susan G. July 16, 2012
Just putting it on the food will dilute it somewhat too.
ChefOno July 16, 2012
Excellent point. BBQ sauce is best sampled on the target meat.
ChefOno July 16, 2012
I concur. You could try adding some brown sugar which might tone down the aftertaste (just a guess).
nutcakes July 16, 2012
The only advice is to make another batch and combine them, then season to taste. You really can't take the ingredients out. Short of that, you can just add the other ingredients if you have more tomato sauce and whatever is in it. I would not add water.
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