Spaghetti sauce burnt

I use a non stick pot to make homemade sauce and it keeps "burning" on the bottom. There is no bitter taste just a layer of burnt at the bottom. I use canned tomato sauce, paste, puree, spices and sugar. I always have meatballs in the sauce and i thought the natural "grease" of the hamburger would help but to no avail. Is it the sugar making it burn?

  • Posted by: Dawn
  • February 12, 2017


Smaug February 14, 2017
You might also check if your pot is still non stick, though if you don't stir often enough or have too high a flame it can stick anyway. To check, clean the pot thoroughly, put in water (not soapy) to cover the bottom and pour out- the water should all run off instantly, leaving just a few drops here and there. If the bottom, or sections of it, remain wet they are no longer non stick. I'm assuming here a Teflon pan.
PieceOfLayerCake February 13, 2017
I always start my sauce on the stove, sautéing the meat and aromatics on moderate heat, then I add the rest of my ingredients, bring to a boil and finish it in the oven. 325 F for a few hours. Never ever get burning and it has the same effect.
Sam1148 February 13, 2017
What type of stove top? If you have gas, look into a heat diffuser.
nicole.lee February 12, 2017
Hi Dawn,

What temperature do you cook your sauce on? A simmer and stirring every once and a while does fine, but I've found that when the heat is too high the bottom will burn on my sauce, I use non-stick as well. When it "blurps" and sputters is too high a temperature in my experience.
Jr0717 February 12, 2017
I've never used a non-stick pot before to make sauce, but all I can recommend is constant stirring while everything is heating and getting incorporated, and then consistent stirring every 30 minutes or so while it simmers. I don't cook my meatballs in the sauce (but will add random pork chops or beef chunks...or a good braciola), so that only oil I add is some olive oil at the beginning to sautéed onion and garlic before adding the tomatoes.

If you do sautéed your spices/garlic and onion first, I'd suggest using some olive oil and watching the heat while everything is incorporating before you lower the heat overall to let it cook. Otherwise, make sure you have a good fat ratio in the meatballs and keep an eye on it, stirring frequently.

Good luck! Hope any of this helps!
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