Almond butter is smoking

So...trying to make almond butter by whipping up raw almonds in my FP. Just added some spices and honey and not only was there steam coming out the top, it just won't get creamy. Huh??



chef O. July 18, 2012
Add some oil to help make it creamy. Nut butters are only ground nuts so there's no missing secret.
susan G. July 17, 2012
Having once burned a motor out making nut butters in a blender, proceed with caution, as beyondcelery says! Use 'pulse' when you start, and add a little neutral (or almond oil if you have it). The motor of your FP may not be strong enough for this job.
beyondcelery July 17, 2012
Steam or smoke? My food processor starts to smoke ever so slightly if I run the motor constantly long enough to get almond butter creamy. Instead, I do it in 2min or so increments, letting the processor rest a couple minutes between running it. My processor is small and it's like 10 years old, so this is probably why it does that (I've used it about twice a week or more its whole life). Your almond butter should get creamy eventually, but it takes awhile. Usually much longer than people realize.
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