What to do with extra jalapenos?

I have about 10 extra jalapenos at home - starting to turn red and wrinkly. Ideas for this many jalapenos? Also, will turning red alter their flavor?



BoulderGalinTokyo July 20, 2012
Ohh, to be so lucky.....
petitbleu July 19, 2012
Oooh. Homemade chipotles en adobo. I made several batches last year and stored them in the fridge, and they went a long way. I used this recipe http://becksposhnosh.blogspot.com/2006/03/chipotle-en-adobo.html and subbed apple cider vinegar for the red wine vinegar, and added lots of garlic and spices (cumin, coriander). Of course, to be truly authentic, you would smoke the red jalapeños first, but you could definitely get away with just roasting them.
pierino July 19, 2012
I do a lot of outside grilling over real wood charcoal. Grill up some big fat ones until the skin blackens. Stick them in a paper bag to steam for awhile. Peel off the skin and chop for a pico de gallo type salsa.
meganvt01 July 19, 2012
Thanks all! These are great ideas!
Bevi July 19, 2012
Char one of them over the stove top and dice finely and put in the Pretty in Pink watermelon gazpacho to heat it up a bit. Delish!
Slow C. July 19, 2012
Only 10!?!?! I beg borrow and steal extra peppers from neighbors and friends. First, I grind them and mix with vinegar and salt. Second batch gets mixed with simple syrup and cooked for sweet and sour spicy pepper sauce. Both last the full year if stored in the fridge. If all else fails, you can also make a fabulous drink infusion, give them a good rinse and drop them in your alcohol of choice (for example, jalapenos, hmmm, Mexican...how about tequila/jalapeno/cilantro/cinnamon stick, let sit for as long as you can stand to watch it, then mix as a lime daquiri--ZOW!)

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sfmiller July 18, 2012
I'd pickle them, either whole or sliced. The 10 peppers will fit easily into a pint jar in the fridge and last for many weeks.

There are a gazillion recipes on the internet for jalapenos pickled either by themselves or with other vegetables (carrots, onions, etc.). Michael Symon's formula is really good and easily adaptable to different peppers. You can use other vinegar (cider, white distilled) if you don't have or don't want to spring for sherry vinegar.


chef O. July 18, 2012
Freezing fresh peppers is not a great option , I would roast them and store in a air tight jar in olive oil. Those will last a really long time.
SeaJambon July 19, 2012
Roast then freeze -- yes, better choice. :)
SeaJambon July 18, 2012
Make jelly? Dry for future use? Put in freezer for future use?
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