Rosemary bush needles turning red: still ok to use as flavoring?

I have a rosemary bush in a potted herb garden here in SF. It was fine and green until a few months ago when the rains started. Now it's turned a deep red in a lot of places. I moved here recently so I don't know if this is normal. Does the flavor change? Will it go back to normal? I'm making a roast tomorrow...



ReneePussman May 3, 2012
No. Don't use rosemary, or any fresh herb really, that you aren't certain of its freshness. It could ruin your dish.
ChefOno May 3, 2012

Sorry, definitely not normal. Not sure it needs a cactus mix but a repotting does sound in order. Two questions: Does the pot have drain holes in the bottom? Do animals have access to the area? Back on the farm growing up we had an expression: Never pick berries growing lower than the tallest dog in town. In any case, as HLA says, only use the green parts. Or thyme is another nice herb for a roast.

hardlikearmour May 3, 2012
I'd only use the green needles. My suspicion is too much water and soil that doesn't drain well enough so the roots get waterlogged. I'd repot the plant using soil that will drain well, like a cactus mix. If the wet root issue is resolved the plant should survive.
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