cooking fish

wondering if anyone out there has had the experience of cooking fish in the dishwasher? i assume on dry cycle only!

  • Posted by: tkiser
  • July 19, 2012


ReneePussman July 20, 2012
PLEASE, do not cook anything in the dishwasher.
lloreen July 19, 2012
?? Well, my grandmother used to dry her salad greens in the washing machine on spin cycle (no joke) so I guess I shouldn't judge. Plus, you would have that lovely detergent aroma.
ChefOno July 19, 2012

No but I've cooked on the exhaust manifold of my truck a number of times. Any port in a storm I suppose but I can't imagine the situation where there wouldn't be a better tool for the job than the dishwasher.


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pierino July 19, 2012
Actually it's easier to drag a whole fish behind your car for couple of miles. You have stop and turn it so that it's evenly cooked and fully scaled.
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