Why does it say on my pack of dried anchovies "cook before consumption"?

I got this pack of dried anchovies from the Chinese Supermarket. I thought that the fish would be similar to the Icelandic dried fish (and they are). I was just shocked that I have to cook them. The primary reason I bought them is to have something tasty to snack on.

I'd appreciate any explanation. Are they not clean or in harmful when ate not cooked?


  • Posted by: Lena
  • February 26, 2015
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1 Comment

Sam1148 February 26, 2015
May have something to do with how they're processed and they're not quite clean.
But you can make a Korean bean sprout soup with them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXCHOEPKqOs
In that video she cleans out the insides of the anchovies and discards the guts.
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