Mushy flounder

I have had this problem before in trying to saute flounder or sole filets. I've got a hot pan. The fish is dry and seasoned. I cook it quickly - a couple of minutes a side. And it comes out disgusting. The consistency of mush. I love this fish and want to be able to cook it successfully. Help is appreciated!

  • Posted by: DebJ
  • January 29, 2013


DebJ January 30, 2013
All good suggestions. Thanks very much. Will give it another try.
Patti I. January 30, 2013
Did you cook it long enough?
Monita January 30, 2013
Perhaps there's too much oil in the pan. Have you tried a non-stick pan? Alternatively, try baking the fish in the oven

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Sam1148 January 29, 2013
Is this frozen frozen or fresh fish? Frozen will have always have more moisture in the product.

Also, try dusting it with 'wondra' flour---most supermarkets have that product, a shaker top blue round canister in the baking section.
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