Halve the cookie recipe

I want to make these cookies by genius recipes, but 7 dozen is just too much I want to make about 4 dozen of them , how can I halve the recipe.And, how about if i use smoked almonds. Will it be good in taste.

Devangi Raval


Devangi R. July 30, 2012
@drbabs - I simply loved your suggestion..and added some almond extract which by the way I have become a fan of ..recently when I had prepared Amanda's peach tart( the base has almond extract in it)
@Kristen - I did exactly as you all suggested and made the whole batch...and baked half of them , will be keeping some for myself..some will go to my cousin in (Michigan) and some of them I am adding to a gift basket for my boss ...
About the cookies- I followed the recipe exactly , I did like the taste..they are crispy also..but we are not a big fan of crispy cookies. But, overall they are really nice. thanks.
Devangi R. July 26, 2012
Thanks everyone! I will make the whole batch, and gift some of them. The only thing I am scared of is that I don't finish them all by myself. Kristen - I like almonds, so I would follow the recipe. Might not add the cinnamon.
drbabs July 26, 2012
Try adding 1/4 tsp or so of almond extract to up the almond flavor. I LOVE these.
kimhw July 25, 2012
Make them all and just freeze half. Next time you have a last minute place to go or a few guests you will be happy that you have them ready to go.
drbabs July 25, 2012
Hi PistachioDonut. I made these Monday and I did what Kristen said. I made the whole batch and put half the dough in the freezer. I made a chocolate and spice version. They are wonderful. You really need sliced almonds so that the dough is easy to slice, and I agree with Kristen that smoked wouldn't work (unless you wanted to create a savory version...hmmmm...). And make more than you think you will need because they are so good that you will find yourself snacking on them constantly.
Kristen M. July 25, 2012
Hi PistachioDoughnut -- you could halve this recipe (it would be easiest if you did it by weight), but the dough freezes so well, I'd recommend making the whole batch and saving the rest of the block of dough in the freezer for whenever you're ready to bake more cookies!

I don't think smoked almonds would be very good here, sadly. They taste quite meaty to me, and these are a very delicate cookie. There are lots of suggestions on alternate flavorings for the cookies in the comments here though: http://food52.com/recipes/15349_flo_brakers_pains_damande
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