cheese and cracker snack suggestions

I am obsessed with cheese and crackers. Can anyone suggest any healthier options or portable options? I want to be able to pack it up and bring it as a snack while I'm in class, so nothing stinky or messy. I've been keeping it really simple lately with some ritz crackers, aged cheddar, and parm.

  • Posted by: Jandres
  • July 26, 2012


Kristen W. July 27, 2012
Half Pint, I had no idea they were so expensive (a good friend of mine always brings them over when she comes for dinner, so I've never actually bought them myself)! $8 is outrageous; I'm excited to have a recipe!
Diana B. July 27, 2012
Thank you so much, HalfPint, for posting that link - I looooooooooove those crackers, used to order them from Canada before they started distribution in the U.S., but cheaper is better and they look like fun to make
Chef L. July 26, 2012
You could also put that pimento down the middle of a celery stick instead of a cracker vessel.
pierino July 26, 2012
Emmm! I love celery too.
Kristen W. July 26, 2012
Whole Foods has these rosemary raisin pecan crisps that are delicious with chèvre.
HalfPint July 26, 2012
You can easily make those Raincoast Crisps for a fraction of what they are charged in the stores. $8 for 6oz, Ouch!

I've made this recipe, totally easy and so good,

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JanetFL July 26, 2012
Irish cheddar on thin Triscuits is delicious!
pierino July 26, 2012
It's a southern thing but pimento cheese is outrageously good. You'll have to whip it up yourself in a food processor. And why do cheese and crackers need to be "healthy" anyway? It's an indulgence you deserve.
HalfPint July 26, 2012
For healthier, go for a whole grain cracker and a goat-milk cheese. Not sure if you have a local Trader Joe's, but they have a good goat-milk brie and a goat gouda.
spuntino July 26, 2012
Zamorano is my favorite snacking cheese. Not necessarily more healthy, but so delicious! Manchego works in a pinch too.
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