What supermarket products just aren't the same with corporations changing formulas and ingrediants?

Do you have old favorites that simply aren't available now or have been so messed with they just aren't the same anymore? Have you found better substitutions?

  • Posted by: Sam1148
  • July 30, 2012


kbckitchen July 31, 2012
Not prepared foods but what about a tasty pork chop or a normal sized chicken breast. Loved both as a child and now they are tasteless
Dianemwj July 31, 2012
One of my guilty pleasures has always been Rice a Roni's Fried Rice with Almonds. I hadn't bought any in years, but was craving it the other day. I was surprised to find that the cost for a box had gone way up and the quantity had been reduced. Not only that, but the almonds were missing entirely. I bought it anyway and added my own slivered almonds, but it was just not the same.
pierino July 31, 2012
You can expect it to get worse before it get's better. One big reason is that the price of corn, because of the drought, has shot up 28% and that trickles down through the whole food supply chain. On the commodities market it's going for 8.20 a bushel. Corn is the single most important crop produced in America followed by wheat and soy. Pick up a bottle or jar of any processed food at the supermarket and read the ingredients. It always includes corn or soy products (or both). An example would be a bottle of salad dressing. One solution would be to make your own---you don't need "stabilizers" etc.
sexyLAMBCHOPx July 31, 2012
I haven't been able to find Reese's brand peanut butter in supermarkets. Loved the taste in baking and always had some to scoop on some chocolate when I wanted something sweet. I had no idea about Hellman's mayo changing their formula.
HalfPint July 30, 2012
I'm with ya on those samoas, sorry caramel delights. They use to have a buttery richness that was addictive. Now they just taste sweet, too sweet. They definitely changed recipe or bakeries. Not the same, which is a big shame.
Reiney July 30, 2012
My initial thought was "all of them."

I had a girl scout cookie for the first time in many, many years a few months' back and it was absolutely terrible. Tried the other options - shortbread, thin mints & caramel delights (also called samoas I think?) in all - and they were inedible to me.

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susan G. July 30, 2012
The advent of high fructose corn syrup has led to the cheapening and dumbing down of many products, though this process had been going on for a long time. For one, Hellman's mayo, not the same! Even products from natural food companies (or so-called) have changed -- Midel used to made a great honey graham cracker, now it tastes like cardboard. And granola! and yogurt! give the mass market a healthy food and they turn it into candy. DIY and MYO!
Good question, Sam. Now I'll put my soap box away and listen....
Sam1148 July 30, 2012
Yeah. The Hellman's thing inspired me to post this. You're right, it's not the same to me. Too sweet and watery. ( think they were going for Miracle whip).

I am rather pleased with Ketchup Companies ditching HFCS...and canned soups using less salt, which I don't miss. Campbell Tomato soup is still too sweet now. It used to be more rich..now, it's just overly sweet.
Sam1148 July 30, 2012
Oreo Cookies. They've really gone down hill lately. The filling isn't quite right, and the cookie itself is kinda dense compared to the original ones.

I purchased a box of "Back to nature" Classic Crème cookies. Wow, spot on for the "Oreo or Hydrox" of my childhood.
They also make a mint fudge which is what grill scout "Thin Mint" used to taste like.
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