Should a ganache frosted chocolate cake be chilled in the refrigerator before serving?

  • Posted by: Kanika
  • August 1, 2012


petitbleu August 1, 2012
When I'm frosting a cake with ganache, I like to chill the cake itself before frosting. That way, the ganache cools and stiffens, giving you more time to work without feeling like you have to rush. Beyond that, I second lloreen. You want the ganache to be firm, and during the summer this is especially tenuous. Besides, something about cold ganache is really luxurious.

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lloreen August 1, 2012
It depends on how hot your kitchen is.
If the ganache is soft and melting, yes.
Most ganache recipes I have seen require chilling.
You want it to be firm but not so hard that someone might break a tooth. So put it in the fridge for a few hours, but not too long.
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