Cake that travels well?

I'm looking to bake a birthday cake but have a 5 hour drive to transport it. Any recommendations on cake types/recipes that would travel well / doesn't need to be refrigerated? I'm guessing a cake without frosting (eg flourless chocolate cake). Thanks!

  • Posted by: Princey
  • June 30, 2013


CHeeb July 1, 2013
Please consider the Louisa Cake recipe from the Food 52 archives. It is very moist and definitely will travel well, and tastes great on top of all else!!!
jamcook July 1, 2013
I agree that a good container is paramount.
Lock and lock has a great transporter, and
there is a locking Bundt cake carrier in many catalogues. If you want to bring a layer cake, why not transport it deconstructed? Carefully
wrap layers and put in a carrier, and put your frosting in a plastic container in a bag with an
ice pack , if necessary. Assemble when you arrive at your destination.
HalfPint July 1, 2013
Pound cake or angel food cake. Both are very sturdy, don't require refrigeration in transit. Dust with powdered sugar before serving or bring fresh cut fruit or a fruit compote that can be served on the side when it's dessert time.
Maedl July 1, 2013
there is a Turkish/Greek cake called revani that is baked in a rectangular pan and then soaked in a syrup. It is very easy to transport and tastes heavenly, although it doesn't look like a traditional birthday cake. You could dress it up with mascarpone or creme fraiche and berries or edible flours.
Sam1148 July 1, 2013
The container would be more important than the type of cake. Most cakes don't need a 'fridge for a 1 day or so. Just an air tight container and in your case, a crush proof container.
Couldn't B. July 1, 2013
Bundt cakes usually travel well, or something with a strussel type topping rather than a frosting that could melt in the car. They might not look like traditionally frosted birthday cakes but they are still delicious.
petitbleu June 30, 2013
Something like a Texas sheet cake would work. It generally has a simple chocolate frosting and is low profile.
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