I made a lightly cooked fresh tomato sauce last night and it came out very soupy. What can I do to avoid this problem?



pierino August 4, 2012
This question is tough to answer without knowing what else went into the sauce in terms of ingredients. Carrots? Onion?. These add some balance no matter what type of tomato you are using. A handy thing to have is a food mill. Normally you would peel the tomatoes first but if you have a mill you skip that step. Dice carrots and onion, saute to give them some color. Add chopped garlic and fresh basil and of course your tomatoes. Run that mix through your food mill which will also strain out most of the seeds. Reduce further in the sauce pan. That should do it.
healthierkitchen August 4, 2012
sometimes tomatoes can go from lightly cooked to shedding their skins and liquid pretty quickly. This time of year if you're using fresh tomatoes, I wouldn't even cook them. I might put some olive oil and garlic in a pan over medium heat for a few minutes, but not actually add the tomatoes over the heat. Turn off the heat, add the tomatoes to the pan, then (as Lori goldsby says) well drained hot pasta. Reserve a little pasta water, though, in case it's too dry. Toss everything in the still hot pan adding a little pasta water as needed.
lorigoldsby August 4, 2012
Next time, AFTER cooking, you could use a sieve (fine mesh strainer) to drain off the watery liquid, giving more "heft" to your sauce...also make sure your pasta is well drained...little flavor if it is a watery mess. This actually happened last night when our daughter ordered a pasta dish she's ordered many times...just inedible.
Kristen W. August 4, 2012
Use fewer tomatoes?
Cannizzo August 3, 2012
I don't agree this is not the best answer depends all on the tomatoes you use Roma very ripe are the best more pulp less seeds . Seeds make for a bitter tomato sauce.fresh tomatoe sauce is only cooked for ten minutes to keep the fresh flavor
ATL August 3, 2012
You could seed the tomatoes and not put in all the juice, but you will lose some flavor. For now, you could add. a tbsp or so of tomato sauce and just keep cooking and reducing it. Eventually it will thicken.
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