Summer sides with seared scallops?

What side dishes should I pair with scallops for a well rounded dinner for 5?



JanetFL August 4, 2012
Meant to say except risotto.....
JanetFL August 4, 2012
I would add orzo in addition to any of the above suggestions.

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nutcakes August 4, 2012
A saute of corn with red peppers or a corn salad with fresh herbs.
HomeRemedy August 4, 2012
Great suggestion! I made a corn sautée with mushrooms and shallots :) wish I caught the red pepper suggestion sooner! Next time I guess!
pierino August 4, 2012
Risotto al onda ("on the wave") should be wet enough to slide around on the plate. You could of course pile on more fish capon magra style; steamed clams, mussels, quickly cooked shrimp.
usuba D. August 4, 2012
Fennel & carrot salad/slaw
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