In the article 60 side dishes to complete a summer meal, in the curried coconut soup recipe, when do you add the corn?

  • Posted by: Debbie
  • August 18, 2019
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1 Comment

AntoniaJames July 29, 2021
I could not find the article on the side dishes, but I did find a recipe for curried coconut soup with corn.

It appears that the recipe has been edited since you asked this question, as the instructions say to add the corn with the coconut milk and stock.

I however would not add it until the very end - to take advantage of the beautiful sweetness of fresh corn in the summer. Cooking corn turns the sugars in the kernels to starch. To ensure that the corn retains its luscious sweetness, add it at the very end. If it's a little crunchy still when you serve the soup, all the better! ;o)
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