What is the best way to sear scallops?

a Whole Foods Market Customer


boulangere April 11, 2011
Also called "dry" scallops, not H2O injected, in other words. Sear to a nice brown on the down side, turn, and cook to less than the done look meeting in the middle.
dymnyno April 11, 2011
Make sure the pan is real hot and just leave them until they develop a crust. Turn over and crust the other side. If they are not cooked all the way through, put them in the oven for a few minutes until completely cooked...but not overcooked
Sam1148 April 11, 2011
First make sure you're not using frozen scallops. They'll never sear correctly as they're injected with water. Whole foods has the correct type. Deep sea "Diver" scallops, not bay scallops.
I sometimes find them a bit to large---too 'tall'. But the Whole foods people will slice them in half for you.
On this site..there is an excellent..no, outstanding recipe for Seared Scallops with Spring onion. http://www.food52.com/recipes/4080_seared_scallops_with_spring_onion_and_tarragon_cream?fp2r

I believe she recommends dry them in the 'fridge a bit to remove moisture.
I use clarified butter for my fish and scallops as it give a nice brown crust.
They should be dry when they hit the pan.
Google for suggestions for clarified butter. (I use the cheesecloth method to strain it into jars). When clarified it holds up to higher temps for searing things.

Good luck, and do try that sauce mentioned. I'm using some of the leftover tonight with asparagus...as it stores well. BTW: the spring onions are the large bulb 'baby valdalia' types. But you can use leeks..cleaned and washed..and put in the green bits at the finish.
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