Yellow eggplants?

Two of the white eggplants in my garden turned a brilliant, sunny yellow - the color of a fresh egg yolk. Is there such a thing as a yellow eggplant variety? Or is this one of those quirks of nature? I am not sure if I should just roast them or do something more creative...

  • Posted by: lloreen
  • August 7, 2012


Jim February 9, 2014
Have a look at the thoughts here about yellow eggplants. I am sure it must be related to the intense hot dry weather we are experiencing.
mike April 22, 2013
I'm growing a yellow eggplant too. (on a white plant) My friend thinks that it is a Monsanto eggplant and soon the publicly traded American multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation will come round to our house and sue us for a lot of money because I'm growing it.
Yellow egg makes sense
yellow plant makes sense
but yellow egg plant has everyone baffled
rosaliehamilton November 10, 2012
i am thinking it is a form of plant preservation, the plant is producing a seed that will carry on even though the growing conditions are not ideal, almost to the point of reproducing a seed that will be able to grow in the comng years when all our pre-concieved(or ideas generated from the last 100 plus yrs) ideas of growing have changed. no, not saying anything about "global warming"-
susan G. September 1, 2012
Have you tried salting it before cooking? That's the usual recommendation to reduce bitterness in eggplant.
lloreen August 31, 2012
Yeah, the yellow ones are quite bitter. I managed to cook one in a ratatouille and the tomato cut the bitterness, but on its own, it was awful. I think the trick must be to pick them before they turn yellow. Reminds me to check the eggplant in my garden....
Delolds August 31, 2012
I am having the same problem with my white eggplant. A bunch have turned yellow and others others of the same size are white. I've planted several varieties of eggplant this year and don't know if it's cross-pollination or not. Sliced up one and baked it and it had a little bitter after taste, but was not bad. Will try again with lemon juice and/or a sweetener to see that helps. Does not seem to be overripe or rotten.
jggregory August 11, 2012
I had several yellow eggplants last year on white crescent moon plants. The same plants were bearing normal fruit, too.

My understanding is that this is a mutation. This year I have a yellow eggplant from a purple blush and another one from a crescent moon. Once again the very same plants that produced the yellow fruits are bearing lovely, normal fruit, too. The plants that produced the yellow fruit are in containers next to each other. As yet, none of the other eight plants has produced yellow fruit. I don't know if the proximity of the plants have anything to do with the mutation or not.

It is interesting to me that I have grown eggplants in the past and never had the mutant yellow ones until last year. Now I've had them two years in a row. These past two years I used seeds from Burpee, but I don't know if that has anything to do with it either. It's interesting, too, that this phenomenon is appearing on different varieties of eggplants.

I tried to eat the yellow ones last year. I didn't like the taste or the texture.

I'm not finding much information on these yellow eggplants, so I'm wondering if this is a recent development?

jsdunbar August 7, 2012
Save some seeds so if they are particularly good you'll have more next summer to dazzle friends or start a little home business selling them
chef O. August 7, 2012
I've never had a yellow eggplant. Let us know how they taste
Panfusine August 7, 2012
It may be the equivalent of 'ripening'.. I ve seen some old ones with that tinge.. They're probably riddled on the inside with mature seeds..
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