Fresh eggplant

I cannot locate a posting for salt method



Greenstuff October 17, 2011
Definitely a frequent Hotline question. The search function seems to be working this morning. Search "salt eggplant" in "Hotline" and you'll get the range of opinions. Mine is that most eggplants, especially nice, fresh ones don't need salting to remove bitterness. But salting does remove water, and that can be a good thing. Depends on your recipe. So, to salt--sprinkle with salt, let sit, rinse off.
susan G. October 17, 2011
Here's a recipe with detailed instructions. The time allowed is probably longer than needed for other uses, because this recipe is looking for a specific texture. (and it's a wonderful recipe!)
Also note that other recipes tell you to rinse the eggplant before continuing (it's 'rinsed' by the boil step here), and some recipes don't salt the eggplant at all. There have been Hotline discussions of this!
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