Craving shrimp!

I'm craving shrimp and looking for ideas for dinner




Summer O. August 10, 2012
In the summer we usually just steam them in the shells with Old Bay and serve a messy peel-n-eat meal on the patio with corn on the cob and a cucumber salad. Speaking of Rick Bayless he has a great recipe for shrimp 'ceviche'.
Kristen W. August 10, 2012
I like this recipe a lot., especially if you don't skimp on the crispy shallots:

Also love chipotle shrimp tacos or shrimp in tomatillo salsa. I don't have specific recipes for those but I would see if Rick Bayless has anything online for them if you want authentic recipes.
Cannizzo August 9, 2012
Make shrimp fradiablo sauté garlic with olive oil red pepper flakes remove from pan add some anchovie paste to oil some crushed San Marzano tomatoes salt pepper cook for ten minutes add shrimp back with juices to warm serve with some fresh chopped parsley over cooked spaghetti or linguini
Sam1148 August 9, 2012
Oh..a Zuchhini cut in 'poem card' cuts, or 'french fry cuts'. Tossed in a pan with butter and oil..and finished with soy sauce and mirin, and the same dipping sauce.
Is good with both those...typical American style Japaneese steak house stuff. But really good.
Try to use ginger juice for the dipping sauce..or powder (meh) you want a good ginger flavor instead of chunks.
Sam1148 August 9, 2012
Grilled or broiled shrimp.

Take 6 shrimp..peel and leave the tails on.
Line them up like this ))))))
Put in two skewers like this =))))))=
Make a couple of those each person.

Marinade with some soy sauce, lemon juice, ginger, garlic and mirin.
Grill or broil. Turning them over once.

Make a dipping sauce with soy sauce, lemon juice, ginger garlic, sake, and a touch of mustard. and whisk it together well.

Alternatively, you can pan fry the shrimp seasoned with salt, with butter in the pan, and finish with mirin when it's almost done so it caramelizes. And season with very fine ground pepper at the end. Serve with the same dipping sauce.
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