Dinner competition suggestions for a potluck that's easy to transport, for 15 people and IMPRESSIVE!

I need a really impressive dish suggestion for a foodie competition dinner. 15 people and must be easy enough to transport. thoughts so far: chorizo and black olive stuffed calimari in red tomato pesto, pulled pork and rhubarb dumplings in miso balsamic reduction... better ideas?

Andria Santos


Cannizzo August 12, 2012
Muscles steamed with garlic jalapeños cilantro and white wine grilled bread slices to serve with it easy to make drizzle bread with olive oil on both sides sprinkle with salt and pepper grill 2 min.on both sides
nutcakes August 12, 2012
The squid sound fantastic. Sorry I can't think of anything just yet, the portability and reheating issues are stumping me. How will you reheat or is it to be served room temp?
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