Low Carb Appetizers from a Low Tech Kitchen

Visiting friends in Texas, who do not have a food processor, decent blender, stand mixer, mandolin, etc. I have my good knives, cutting board and knife sharpener with me. (Traveling for a month...) Anyway, I've been asked to prepare one or two low-carb appetizers. Other parameters: Finger food that can be served cold or room temp and the kitchen needs to be clean when the guests arrive -- in other words, no temperature or time-sensitive items. All my 'go to' recipes (cheddar/beer cheese dip, avjar, tapenade, etc) need a food processor, so I'm stuck. Basic crudités are already on the list. . Thoughts most welcome!



threefresheggs August 15, 2012
Pickling the crudités makes them fancy and is sure to impress. It also lets you do the work a day, to several days, in advance and use what is at the market now, regardless of whether or not it is a thing usually served raw. epicurious has a great recipe for a melange in significant party quantity.

Figs are in season, and are wonderful stuffed with cheese, sprinkled with spiced nuts, and drizzled with honey, ditto for peaches and plums.

I recently saw watermelon, balsamic, feta & basil 'salad' served on a skewer and thought that quite clever. Very light and wonderfully seasonal.

a roasted corn salad could be served on endive or in lettuce cups?

I would go to the nearest farm stand/market and see what the best looking thing in Texas is right now...

Melusine August 15, 2012
Thank you all -- as always!
lloreen August 15, 2012
Like Half Pint I do a cucumber and smoked salmon appetizer that is a family favorite. Top a cucumber round with smoked salmon, a dollop of creme fraiche or softened goat cheese and garnish with dill or chives. Easy and elegant...
Also, wrap single blanched asparagus spears with a sliver of prosciutto and drizzle with olive (or truffle) oil
Or strip most of the leaves off of rosemary stems and use them as skewers for cheese and olives (http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2010/06/rosemary-skewers/)
Spring rolls are pretty low carb (just rice paper) - I think you can hand mix a dipping sauce using peanut butter

susan G. August 15, 2012
There was actually a contest for 'one bite' nibbles --
lots of great ideas!
lorigoldsby August 15, 2012
Also..Thai chicken lettuce cups...you can skip the rice noodles
lorigoldsby August 15, 2012
Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, sprinkling of feta cheese inside. Grill or broil. Also caprese bites..marinate with a good quality balsamic vinegar and olive oil...heirloom cherry tomatoes, Mini mozzarella balls and a basil leaf on a toothpick sized skewer...just pop it in your mouth..one bite
HalfPint August 15, 2012
Sliced cucumber topped with a dollop of soon cream or creme fraiche, then garnished with some smoked fish or caviar.

Deviled eggs

Blanched asparagus wrapped with a ribbon of prosciutto. If you have it, a light drizzle of lemon-flavored oil.

Sam1148 August 15, 2012
Sliced tomatoes dressed with vinaigrette, basil and layered with Mozzarella cheese (optional).

These Kafta meatballs are fantastic. Really good. I've packed them for lunch at room temp the next day and they're still great at room temp.
You can make those ahead, and fry the grapes and make the sauce ahead and store and assemble to serve at room temp. Assembly goes pretty quick, a big dish with a undercoat of the sauce..and spear a grape, then a meat ball and plate.
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