Hunting for a cookbook focused on appetizers. More than just cheese and dips. Welcome to any suggestions!!



Picholine February 15, 2017
Food fifty two has tons.
luvcookbooks February 15, 2017
Martha Stewart Hors d'ouevres
Pam H. February 15, 2017
Look for a book called The Big Book of Appetizers by Carla Snyder and Meredith Deeds. It is loaded with great recipes, and is divided into categories, such as freezer friendly, quick and simple, vegetarian, etc. They also have suggested theme menus, including Super Bowl, Cinco de Mayo, and Bastille Day, to name a few.
SKK February 14, 2017
Martha Stewart's books on appetizers, some under title of Hors d'Oeuvres. Creative, beautiful, relative ease. Best I have found.
irina February 14, 2017
I third or fourth the suggestion. Martha's Entertaining has lots of fun ideas.
I even did the vodka in an ice cube carton shape a few times in the 80's. Still fun.
chardrucks February 14, 2017
Valesca D. February 14, 2017
I agree with the Martha book, it's a really complete book. I also love the English book "Diva Cooking" by Jennifer Joyce along with someone else I can't recall. I love her books. I checked and it's available on Amazon
Smaug February 14, 2017
I guess it's not technically the same, but there's been a lot published on Tapas in recent years, including a book by Penelope Casas, one of the most dependable recipe writers.
HalfPint February 14, 2017
I recommend any of Martha Stewart's entertaining cookbooks. I think she even has an hors d'oeuvres cookbook or two. Check out your local library.
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