I think I want to change the ingredients I used for chicken stir fry but not sure if I should.....

Marinated chicken in soy sauce, Oyster sauce and a bit of brown sugar (overnight) but don't like the strong smell. So, today I rinsed the solution off the chicken slightly and quickly stir fried it but since there is no sauce, I now want to rethink my sauce ingredients. Wondering if I can change to Hoisen sauce or stick with the Oyster and what the difference in taste will be or IF changing after it was marinated overnight in the Oyster is a bad choice....Help!

Christine Vichi


Durnt November 2, 2017
Hoisin sauce is on the sweet side and oyster sauce is on the savory side. Whichever sauce you use, just balance the dominate flavor with either sugar or salt. I usually add rice wine to give it some depth. I'm not sure if you are asking whether you should marinate the meat again, but I don't recommend it. First you already cooked it so the flavor wouldn't penetrate. Second, if you haven't cooked it, the meat might end up too salty as the first flavor likely penetrated the whole piece of meat. Hope this helps.
Christine V. November 2, 2017
I just want to know if whatever flavor from the marinade in Oyster sauce will clash if I make the sauce when I stir fry the veggies with Hoisen sauce instead. Also, the basic opinion based upon what I have done so far-what you recommend I do now-Stick with Oyster when making the sauce to go with the chicken, veggies over rice or change to a Hoisen based sauce? Thanks for your time and advice.
Durnt November 2, 2017
Sorry, Christine, don't know how to reply to you so I'm replying to myself. I don't think they will clash. I actually think it will be delicious! If you don't like the smell of oyster, by all means use hoisin sauce. Make your marinade separately and taste it as you go. I think both are good ways to marinate meat.

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702551 November 2, 2017
Mix a teaspoon of oyster sauce with a teaspoon of hoisin sauce in a small container like a shot glass and taste it. Then decide yourself if you find the end result pleasing and something you'd want to serve.

After all, it's your kitchen table and your dinner guests and ultimately your own opinion counts the most.
Christine V. November 2, 2017
Doesn't allow me to comment again to your follow up answer so I am commenting here. You indeed answered my question and I THANK YOU for all your time and attention.
Michele November 2, 2017
If you don't like the oyster sauce I would add Hoisen to the cooking. It is strong enough to mask and works well. If in doubt do one piece first and taste it, that will give you an idea if you like it or not.
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