Pudding/tart filling

Can I use my favorite pudding recipe for my tart?

Stephanie G


HalfPint August 22, 2012
I brush a rather thin coat of melted chocolate (dark choc usually), onto the crust, so I usually don't have the cutting and breaking problem. Kind of looked like the crust was shellac-ed with chocolate.
creamtea August 23, 2012
Would adding a small amount of butter cream while melting the chocolate prevent it from hardening?
HalfPint August 22, 2012
If it's thick enough, sure. I recommend brushing the tart dough (baked) with something to keep it from getting soggy. If you have a chocolate filling, use melted chocolate. If it's a fruit or non-choc custard, try using heated apricot jam. It tends to not overpower the flavor of the filling.
AntoniaJames August 22, 2012
HalfPint, what kind of melted chocolate would you use? I put melted chocolate on the crust of a peanut butter cream pie and it got so hard it made it impossible to cut the pie cleanly, breaking instead and making a real mess. Thanks so much. ;o)
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