Coconut cream Dip With regular pudding mix

I couldn’t find instant coconut pudding so bought the cook and serve pudding instead. How can I adapt the colony crime pie dip recipe using regular pudding mix?

  • Posted by: Kathee
  • May 15, 2021
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1 Comment

AntoniaJames June 18, 2021
I don’t know what recipe you’re using for the dip, but looking at the ingredients, etc. for each of the two pudding products, they seem to be essentially the same. I’m guessing that the instant has more cornstarch, to make it easier for it to set right away.

I’ve looked at some recipes for coconut cream pie dip on the internet and see that most involve a fair amount of full-fat dairy products of one kind or another. The coconut pudding provides the flavoring.

Based on this analysis, I’d substitute the two products one for one, with no modifications. Let us know how it turns out! ;o)
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