can I make a steamed pudding in an instant pot or pressure cooker?

Long ago, when the family still ate wheat, I used to make this steamed/boiled pudding. I put jam or fruit in the bottom of the pudding bowl, then filled the rest of the bowl with a batter of some sort. Tie a floured cloth tightly to the top and then boil the bowl for about 2 to 4 hours. When cool, turn the pudding basin upsidedown and the jam becomes the sauce on top.
I want to make something like this, but I cannot find my recipe or remember what it was called to look it up. I also feel that two hours is a long time to wait for a pudding.

Do you know of any recipes like this that I could make in my pressure cooker?

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1 Comment

Lori T. July 21, 2019
Yes, you can certainly make steamed pudding in your Instant Pot. It's easier and faster than the old boil or steam methods as well, taking about 20-30 minutes to produce one. My family enjoys them on very cold and snowy winter evenings every year. I don't have my recipes handy at the moment, but a quick web search for Instant Pot steamed puddings will bring up a lot of variations, usually from British sites. You can make a basic steamed syrup sponge using whatever jam, jelly or fruit conserve you have on hand, as well as syrup of all sorts. Lots of stores now sell Golden Syrup, but you can easily substitute corn syrup if you wish, or even pancake syrup in a pinch. It may take a few experiments to dial in the timing for your pudding basin/dish and pot, but the results will still be tasty even if a little doughy in the middle.
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