i have some breadcrumbs and frozen blueberries. Can I use these ingredients to make a bread pudding dessert?

I have also vanilla, eggs, cinnamon and flour but I'd like to use these excess breadcrumbs to make a bread pudding. Is it possible, and do I use a regular bread pudding recipe?

Marcia j. Brown


Nancy W. April 18, 2017
I think your breadcrumbs will be better put to use as a topping on a "fruit crisp" style of dessert. Bread pudding really requires larger chunks of bread to soak up the custard.
ChefJune April 18, 2017
I can't imagine just breadcrumbs being substantial enough to make a successful bread pudding. You might be able to substitute some crumbs for part of the bread volume, but crumbs don't have enough structure to make a good pudding.
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