I was talking with a friend the other day about UFO spotting.Yes...I'm one of those people...I've seen UFOs not once,but twice...And I believe we're not alone in the Universe.Why would it be ALL about us?Pretentious,much?But anyway,it got me thinking...just for fun:If you had a guest,and if that guest happened to be an alien from another planet;what food would you serve?



Sam1148 July 2, 2018
This was a conceptual piece for a industrial design project.
I really, really wish this was an item I could buy...even empty.
Smaug July 1, 2018
Mars bars? Milky Ways? Tang? I would ask them- Star Trek has taught us that aliens everywhere speak American English.
Elizabeth K. July 1, 2018
If I had to serve an alien , a recipe that is, 'out of this world ' would be appropriate. On a serious note, I actually saw a UFO one night many years ago!

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ChefOno August 23, 2012

A Mars bar? A MilkyWay perhaps?

mensaque August 23, 2012
---LOL!----Or...Slice some pitted black olives:"Black Hole Salad!"
Cannizzo August 22, 2012
I'm Italian from Italy so I would kiss them hug them and serve a southern italian feast with the whole family there
mensaque August 23, 2012
I'm part Italian,from Brazil.My great-grandfather from my father's side was Italian from Italy...
bigpan August 22, 2012
I would serve a smart vodka martini and hope they don't have me for dinner.
Remember the book "how to serve humans" was not an instruction book, but rather a cookbook !
Chef L. August 22, 2012
mensaque August 22, 2012
What?As the tag says:it's just for fun!
creamtea August 22, 2012
...I might not invite them. I'm formal that way, ;)
Sam1148 August 22, 2012
Cow lips and testicles.
mensaque August 22, 2012
you really don't want them to come back,do you Sam?
Sam1148 August 22, 2012
They love mutilating cattle and always go for the lips and testicles first.
mensaque August 22, 2012
I see your point now...Then maybe some corn as a side dish!Those rings they leave behind...those are on corn fields,right?Oh,and maybe we should get some goat blood and start making morcela in case the Chupa-cabras decides to join us at the Freaky Feast,HAHAHAHA!LOL!
chef O. August 22, 2012
Soylent Green is people!!!
mensaque August 22, 2012
I'm afraid I got caught on a language barrier...
Jestei August 22, 2012
Certainly not salad.
mensaque August 22, 2012
I think I would go with some down to earth food,you know?Nothing too fancy.But I'm shure you're all wondering about my spotting stories(or maybe I just really wanna tell them to you,hahaha!):The first time I saw an UFO I was about 11 years old and I was at a funeral...My next door neighbor's stepfather died from a sudden heart attack.He was this very nice and generous italian gentleman,married to this very crazy lady who insisted on having the funeral at home.So while Enrico's body lay on his coffin in the living room(!?),us kids talked outside at the garden when one of us looked at the sky and there they were:three tiny lights of an emerald green shade on a straight line towards the right,exchanging positions every once in a while right above the house.We all saw it,about 6 kids from age 10 through 16.I came inside to get my mom to see it,but then they were gone or maybe the clouds covered them cause in my hometown weather is not as tropical as you would supose the weather in Brazil would be.The second time, I was alone in my room at age 35...just last year.I was a bit sad.Life was taking a wrong turn that day...already fixed,happily. The lights went off.I had a candle on the nightstand table and I was lying on my bed,with my feet up,looking at the stars when I thought I saw one of them move.Quite a big one with a very white light,but it wouldn't shimmer like a star.I though I was going crazy,but it was really moving slowly, again on a straight line towards the right.Then an airplane crossed the sky from right to left on a diagonal and there's when it gets fun:the white light stopped and went off until the plane passed.Then it went on again at the same point and started to move on the same direction and speed as if nothing happened and disappeared,cause the roof blocked my vision.I went downstairs to see it from the balcony on my mom's room but when I got ther it was gone.I never get her in time...but she got to see her own when she was a teenager at a New Year's Eve she spent home alone waiting for a guy to call her(He never did,the bastard!His loss,my mom is hot!)and looking through the window from her appartment she saw what she describes as a ciggar shaped craft filled with lights from orange,green and blue shades,flying in circles around itself so low that it was gone behind other buildings.So...do you think we're crazy,mislead or excentric?
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