HELP!! I work in a French chalet however the breakfast menu is really... Tight.

My budget only allows each guest one meat item, 2 eggs max and one portion of veg. I don't want to serve one slice of bacon, 2 eggs and beans every day. Has anyone got any ideas for anything creative and filling!!



Laura W. January 5, 2015
How about baked eggs with tomato and spinach? Poached eggs served over stewed vegetables like ratatouille? If these are too heavy, perhaps just serving some fresh crepes with jam, or baking a fresh bread will mix things up.
Pegeen January 4, 2015
Can you do one soft-boiled egg and substitute for the other: yogurt, fruit, bread and jam or cheese, oatmeal or muesli. What do the locals eat?
Pegeen January 4, 2015
Cold pizza? :-)
Susan W. January 5, 2015
Pegreen, I was about to go all opinionated the way I can be..until I read your pizza comment. It just made me giggle and realize life is good with pizza.
Nancy January 4, 2015
If they are athletes or on skiing vacations, serve oatmeal with some nuts, fruit & tasty oil or butter. Or a savory oatmeal, with some fish.
Christine January 4, 2015
Replace second ? w/ "."
Christine January 4, 2015
Who is your dining "audience" ? French people wouldn't want most of the ideas already proposed here, anyways?
Merrill S. January 4, 2015
I'm guessing it's an international/vacationing crowd of mostly skiers since it's a chalet -- and I suspect French people would be perfectly happy eating any of the above!

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Merrill S. January 4, 2015
I too spent several years living in Europe and know several people who have been chalet cooks. It's quite common for English University students, for example, to cook at ski chalets in Switzerland and France, and to serve breakfast fare that is more in the UK style (which I believe schmeegly was getting at with the mention of eggs and beans). Of course it would also be nice to offer a traditional French breakfast of yogurt, cheeses, etc., but I think most of us were responding to the items mentioned as part of the budget and offering up different uses for them. It's good for the French, Italians and Spanish to sample and be open to other types of breakfasts, just as it is for us in the US and UK to do the same. And I wouldn't necessarily agree that an omelet or vegetable frittata, or simply eggs and toast, are heavier than a traditional German breakfast, with its hearty helpings of meat, cheese and bread!
Susan W. January 5, 2015
You might want to tone down your "Americans eat too much" mantra. As someone on this site said "watch your may have to eat them later".
Matt H. January 3, 2015
Waffles/pancakes are an option for "bulking up" your eggs. Waffles in particular are nice because you can prep a large batch in advance, freeze them, and then reheat in the oven with no major loss in quality. On a related note, are you saving your bacon drippings? This could be used to facilitate the cooking of any number of items such as hash browns, cornbread, fried bread, etc.
Merrill S. January 3, 2015
In a similar vein, you could make a frittata or Spanish tortilla to serve a crowd, and incorporate the meat and veg within these. You might also consider omelets, baked eggs, toad in the hole, avocado and bacon on toast with poached eggs...
Christine January 4, 2015
These are great ideas, but Europeans eat much differently --- and lighter than Americans. Omelets / tortillas are for lunch or late dinner, for example, never for breakfast. Just my experience from living in France and Spain for more than 4 years. Local cheeses, yogurts, sliced deli meat is more in tune with what European travelers would eat. It's good for American travelers to have a different eating experience! :)
arcane54 January 3, 2015
If you add some bread (day-old is best) a bit of cheese and cream or milk to what you've listed you have the makings of a strata. You can even use leftover vegies, meat, and bits of cheese. Stratas are delicious and cost-effective for a large group. Fresh herbs are a nice addition, too. There are several recipes on this site and more on Web. Have fun!
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