leaky angel food cake pan

I have a 2-piece angel food cake pan, which just leaked the batter all over everything. I looked online, and saw that people suggested wrapping the bottom of the pan with foil. Sorry to be ignorant, but.... I wrap the outside of the pan? Or line the inside?

  • Posted by: lmae23
  • August 22, 2012


SeaJambon August 22, 2012
I have used parchment on the inside with success...
creamtea August 22, 2012
I wrap my springform with foil on the outside to avoid leaks. I might also place it on a baking sheet, don't quite remember (!)
Sadassa_Ulna August 22, 2012
Well, I just read the thread you were talking about and it leads me to believe people wrap the outside. Really I think either would work OK. If you line the inside you run the risk of batter getting between the pan and the foil and leaking anyway (hence the butter idea). If you wrap the outside then at least some batter will leak and you will have browned batter bits that fall off. And as some people advise a cookie sheet underneath (on separate lower rack) would catch any drips so you get batter on the floor of your oven....
Sadassa_Ulna August 22, 2012
I would line the inside, maybe "glueing" it down with some butter. Then more butter at the edges of the foil. [I would not want the edge to get "baked in" if that makes sense]. I had that problem with my two-piece tube pan because the outside piece had a bump in it. My husband noticed it and hammered it out and it no longer leaks.
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