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I have been doing a food blog for about a year now. I enjoy it (most of the time...) and want to keep it going, but sometimes lack inspiration. What are some things you love about food blogs you find yourself going back to time and again?

Any other food bloggers out there who feel like taking on a mentee? :)



TheFritschKitchen August 28, 2012
Thank you everybody who responded! I appreciate the support. I started the blog to stay as creative as possible, to keep writing and to keep myself learning. Sometimes you forget these things, you know?

Thanks again!
Kitchen B. August 28, 2012
BGC, I feel you. I've been there with my 3 year old food blog but keep going for many reasons. My blog allows me
- catalogue the recipes I dream of being published in a cookbook someday
- gives me an outlet for my writing and stories, which are as important to me as the recipes
- Lets me share my peculiar observations and experiments with the 'world'
- Spurs me on to delve deep into an ingredient/technique.

Saying all this, I still go through periods on little/no inspiration and at those times, I stand back.

However, my love for food and quest for knowledge, exploring the similarities and differences in world cuisines means there is always something new to discover (I'm Nigerian but I've lived in the UK and the Netherlands and have been exposed to a wealth of cuisines with Hungarian, Indonesian, Indian and other friends).

I keep a notebook with me all the time and will often sketch out blog posts and make notes long before I post recipes. That doesnt happen all the time but most.

I am happy to share more with you and give you some inspiration. You already do a great job (and yes, I did visit your blog!).

Its meant to be fun so enjoy it!
pierino August 27, 2012
My own blog, based on food and travel, is really focused on discovery. I never slam a place unless they really, really deserve it. When I find a restaurant or food producer I really like I want to talk about them. I can't always maintain anonymity because sometimes I have to ask to visit their kitchens or production sites. I think my most recent blog post was a visit to newish plant in Atascadero making really good salumi. But I also like to talk about towns and hotels and meals that just surprise me.
susan G. August 27, 2012
I read a few blogs consistently, many others randomly. It's somewhat like finding a friend -- there is some spark of recognition that creates a bond, even if it's only through the written word. Not so different from having a favorite writer, too, with the bonus that you find good recipes, good information or insight into what makes good food in our lives. So I think ATL has laid out the pieces -- be yourself, share yourself, you are making friends and you want them to come 'see' you again and again.
Summer O. August 27, 2012
I can certainly relate. I abstain (most of the time) from blogging if not inspired, I also take off the whole winter so I'm a little more excited to do it for the 6 months out of the year that I do blog. I find the items that interest me most about the blogs I read are: the writing is good and compelling separate of the redipe, the page content organized and offer drool worthy photos. I also always try to keep my eye and mind open for inspiration. I know that doesn't really help if you are truly faced with writer's block.
ATL August 27, 2012
I'm sorry--meant to say I realize I'm not answering what I love about the food blogs I read for this reason: I think it's useful to back up and go through an analysis of your blog so that it is true to you, rather than an attempt to simply please an audience that said, the blogs I follow all have a point of view, are very attractive visually, feature good photography, recipes that work, and are written in a warm and engaging style. Hope this helps.
ATL August 27, 2012
I would start by carefully thinking through what about your point of view is new, distinctive, and compelling? How will you stand out from the overwhelming number of food blogs--and where will you fit in? What are your reasons for starting a food blog? Do you have a particular expertise to communicate? Family stories? Live in an unusual locale? Are you a good photographer?

What is the "takeaway" you want readers to have from your blog? Think about writing a prospectus for a book you want to get published
and actually answer these questions in writing for yourself. It will be the basis of a business plan.

I could go on and on, but that's where to start. Good luck!
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