Lots of leftover heavy cream- recipe ideas?

I have at least two or three pints of heavy cream leftover from making caramel sauce. I need recipe ideas to use the rest! Dessert preferably, and I live chocolate! I also may endup just making more caramel sauce. If so, any creative ideas for add ins or infusions?

  • Posted by: m1800
  • August 27, 2012


ATG117 February 17, 2013
with fruit, a fool, in a trifle
EmilyNunn February 17, 2013
Sadassa_Ulna August 28, 2012
Ice cream! The nice thing about ice cream is that it lasts up to a week - or more if stored properly. Maybe take a look at this week's contest submissions. Also I have made several ice creams from Joy of Cooking over the years and they were all really good. I usually made them without an ice cream maker; I'd freeze the custard in a large shallow pan, then blend frozen chunks in a food processor and refreeze.
Reiney August 27, 2012
Posset posset posset! So delicious and extremely easy. You can infuse all manner of aromatics & such into the cream, but here's a basic recipe:

Works great with passionfruits, teas, lemongrass, etc. but you need the acid from the citrus to set the cream.
ATL August 27, 2012
Similar to ChefOno, chocolate cream pie with whipped cream on top.
ChefOno August 27, 2012

Cream + dessert + chocolate = chocolate pots de crème (topped with whipped cream of course).

HalfPint August 27, 2012
Some ideas:

ice cream
sticky toffee pudding
panna cotta
butter (yes, it's easy)
cream of ____ soup
eton mess
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