I have oranges and I have miso caramel sauce. Do I have dessert?

I made the miso caramel sauce from this site (sugar, water, cream, miso). I was planning to use it as the base for a panna cotta, but my milk is bad. I have a bag of Cara Cara oranges and am looking for a way of using the oranges and caramel sauce. Most of the recipes I find online for caramelized oranges call for using orange juice in the caramel (too late) or at the very least just sugar and water and no cream. I am thinking of peeling and slicing the oranges and laying them on top of caramel sauce and roasting them for a bit. Any reactions to that plan? Other suggestions? This is for tonight but also for the future.

  • Posted by: LisaD
  • March 25, 2017


LisaD March 26, 2017
Thanks all! Lots of great ideas here. I am particularly looking forward to trying my hand at a marmalade sponge cake. I was trying to work with what I had on hand, so what I did was peel and slice the oranges and shingle them in an oven dish with caramel drizzled on the bottom AND over the oranges. Also drizzled Grand Marnier. I then broiled them, which was moderately successful (I think my broiler element is dying). Everyone got a bowl with some orange slices, caramel from the pan spooned over, and whipped cream with Grand Marnier.
Taryn March 25, 2017
I am thinking ice cream, miso caramel and and candied oranges
Stephanie B. March 25, 2017
Sounds to me like you have lots of dessert options! I've been all about oranges lately, and fresh slices drizzled in miso caramel, with a dollop of fresh whipped cream in a crepe sounds like a great dessert or brunch.

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Nancy March 25, 2017
Or a very simple dessert -
slice the oranges (leave peel on),
grill briefly (in oven, on outdoor grill or in sandwich press)
serve with warmed caramel miso.
Vanilla ice cream optional.
Kerry G. March 25, 2017
I would make a steamed marmalade sponge cake (check on line- Gordon Ramsey has a recipe... any British based chef). I would mix the miso caramel in with jam and/or use to flavour the cake batter. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream and fresh orange segments. I feel like there should be some grand marnier added somewhere too!
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