canning caramel sauce

I know that the FDA does not recommend making caramel sauce and canning it at home, saying there isn't a high enough acidity to preserve it. BUT at shops I always see caramel sauces in glass jars, meaning they weren't pressure cooked. I used to work for a woman who made caramel sauces professionally and, while she wouldn't hand over her recipe, I helped her make it and it really wasn't so hard. I know there was a bit of baking soda in it to balance the PH but other than that the ingredients were similar to what I make at home when I don't can it. However I can't find a recipe anywhere, and I'd really like one to use for Christmas gifts this year. Help!



Crystal W. November 2, 2018
Sorry here is the link to the strawberry caramel
Crystal W. November 2, 2018
I too think it's absolutely possible to can caramel... obviously commercial canners are able to. Do they test every batch? I also know the FDA says you cannot use electric pressure cookers to can meat even if the manufacturer says it can. Which is also bull because I've have personally canned my own Venison with my Carey brand pressure cooker with great success.

This link is a Mexican caramel that has baking soda in it.

I also found on pinterest which I'm absolutely going to try is instead of using cream for your caramel use a fruit puree which then makes your caramel shelf stable. It's supposed to be just wonderful!!
I just searched for "shelf stable caramel sauce"

This is a link to the website for the recipe using strawberry puree instead of cream for caramel. Hope this helps! Good luck 5 years too late lol.
Dustin B. October 26, 2014
What about non-dairy (Vegan) caramel sauce?
SeaJambon November 17, 2013
Or, go ahead and make it, but keep it in the fridge at all times and assume a short (dairy related) shelf life.
ChefOno November 16, 2013

Brilliant, HLA.

hardlikearmour November 16, 2013
Maybe change tactics and make caramels instead of sauce?
ChefOno November 16, 2013

I'd rather receive a lump of coal for Christmas than a case of botulism.

Diana B. November 16, 2013
I'd love to know the name of the company you worked for, Claire, so I can be sure to avoid their caramel sauce. They're really taking a risk if they don't use any special canning equipment.
Clairelivia November 16, 2013
Thanks Donna for your answer. The reason I'm asking is because I used to work for a dessert sauce company and we made it regularly without any special equipment. So I know it's possible to do at home if done carefully. That company wouldn't give me their recipe though and I want to be sure to be careful with it as I know the risks.
Donna M. November 16, 2013
I'm assuming you're talking about canning by the boiling water bath method, and all I can say is please don't try this. It's not just the acidity or lack thereof, it's the fact that caramel sauce contains dairy, and it's not safe to home can food containing dairy products, even using a pressure canner. It is possible by commercial canning methods, obviously. And by the way, the fact that something is in glass doesn't mean it wasn't pressure canned; that's what you use if you're pressure canning at home.
Randy P. October 13, 2017
I feel the need to correct your misinformation. There is no evidence to suggest that properly canning dairy (extended water bath or canning) is not safe. The FDA does not recommend it because there are no studies to suggest it IS safe...why?...because no one has ever done a study. You will not find one credible study that shows it is unsafe. I personally don't understand why they just don't do a study...oh, that's not true, I DO know why they won't do a study...because it will show that it IS safe. Generations have been canning dairy out of necessity for years with no adverse effects. Some feel the food industry is behind the lack of studies...
Ruby S. March 12, 2021
Thank you, farmers wives for one have canned the excess of milk for years, butter, etc. Its not so * uncommon* The Govt has not done any * testing* in years and years. No one is interested in seeing if new things can be approved. Everyone can to your own heart, I can many things the govt has not tested yet. Many do we just do not always talk of it, becausse of cyber bullies. :)
Donna C. January 16, 2022
Think of how much wisdom is lost due to fear of cyber-bullying.
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