Hello,I would like to make real caramel sauce, however I cannot find heavy cream in the grocery stores. Can I replace heavy cream with another cream?

Carrie Martin


luvcookbooks January 24, 2016
Can you check another grocery store? Where are you? Most dairy cases in the Bronx where I live stock heavy or whipping cream.
Home made caramel sauce is amazing, btw. :))
Adianne January 24, 2016
I've used evaporated milk for this purpose several times for caramel sauce with satisfactory results.
Nancy January 24, 2016
Maybe some of the pastry chefs here can help more....you may be able to boost the fat content of other cream by adding melted butter, then make your caramel.

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TobiT January 24, 2016
Can you find whipping cream? I think it's the same as heavy cream.
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